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Teaching Teachers

Danny Bateman is an engaging, entertaining, and experienced workshop leader. 

With interesting anecdotes, and an innovative approach, each session inspires and enlightens

Danny has been teaching students with diverse learning needs for 34 years! He is in touch with the challenges of todays classroom. He shares relatable experiences, along with evidence-based principles and a smorgasbord of practical strategies, which will guide teachers in cultivating positive, productive learning environments. These principles and practices have proven to help teachers feel more enthusiastic, happy, and well-balanced, even when faced with overwhelming challenges.

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About Danny Bateman

“Wonderful facilitator! Engaging, respectful, and witty.”

As an experienced and esteemed public speaker, Danny aims to deliver teaching strategies and inspiration using entertaining experiences and actionable content.  He passionately believes that teachers and students can learn the skills needed to thrive amid adversity.

Danny is currently a sessional instructor at Concordia University of Edmonton in the Faculty of Education. He has delivered successful sessions at over 300 conventions, conferences and professional development for teachers. These workshops focus on practical principles and strategies for creating productive learning environments in inclusive classrooms at all grade levels. His expertise comes from working for 33 years as an inclusive education teacher and consultant. 

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Sessions and Workshops

Enlighten, Entertain & Inspire


From Surviving to Thriving!

Practical Tips for New Teachers

How does a teacher keep up with lesson preparation, engaging and managing students, grading, progress reports, parent conferencing, meeting diverse learning needs, not to mention evaluations and dealing with school administration? How can one remain enthusiastic, happy, and well-balanced when overwhelmed by these responsibilities? This session introduces principles of survival in the classroom and a medley of practical strategies for dealing with these challenges. Come laugh, decompress, and learn some self-care. These tried-and-true, evidence-based tips will provide hope and make your job easier.

(This presentation is ideal for a keynote address)

Lighten up!

Skills for Making Learning Fun

This session will illuminate some practical ideas for bringing more joy into your classroom. A happy, cheerful teacher will better engage and motivate students. Self-care and humour can also help us cope with the challenges of teaching. Learn some interesting and fun activities that engage learners. Come, enjoy some laughs, decompress, and rejuvenate.

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Other Workshops

Educate, Motivate & Inspire

Professor Lecturing on Stage

My Life as a Student with ADHD

Practical Principles for Reaching ALL Students

When I was a young child in elementary school there wasn't such a thing as ADHD, but I definitely struggled with it. I was officially diagnosed in my fifties. I always thought I was dumb until I ended up in education. As a teacher for the past 34 years, I’ve always tried to teach the way I like to learn: with lessons that are high interest, fun, active and engaging. Come learn tips and strategies for engaging kinesthetic learners with poor executive functioning. Actually, these ideas help all learners.

Practical Strategies for Struggling Students

What works for all students in the inclusive classroom?

This entertaining session will provide teachers with a smorgasbord of instructional tips and tools designed to engage reluctant learners. You will also be introduced to some universal strategies that work well for all students in an inclusive classroom. Once we understand these students and their struggles, we can teach the way they learn. Come learn practical tactics and effective approaches that work with struggling students. While many of these ideas focus on helping students with diverse learning needs, most are beneficial for all students.

Motivating Students

Practical Applications of Self-determination Theory

Not all means of motivating students are appropriate or effective. Students and teachers alike can apply self-determination principles which dramatically improve motivation and engagement. Come relax and learn some effective approaches and practical strategies that will motivate struggling students. These evidence-based practices will arm you with ideas to engage and inspire your students.

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Participant Comments

What People Are Saying

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“One of the best workshops we have had :-)”
"An amazing session. Not only did he discuss strategies for teachers, students, and practicing empathy, he demonstrated practices and involved us in activities that were in examples to practice in the classroom. Very informative and, again, amazing!"

“Great job! Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic presenter.”

“Dan was AMAZING. Hilarious, jovial, got the crowd enthused and I loved his personal connections he shared to make the presentation relevant.”

“Wonderful facilitator! Engaging, respectful, and witty.”

“I really liked the energy of the speaker. He made the topic really engaging.”

 “Very engaging and informative! Loved it!”

“Very energetic. Liked the strategies to go with the information”

"Awesome! Your enthusiasm is infectious and you obviously have great knowledge on the subject.”

“Really great, realistic and useful strategies. I loved the personal inclusion of stories…”
“His real life examples hit home for me. That gave me perspective on how to implement many of these skills. I learned some of my short falls and how to fix them…”
“I loved the pictures and jokes throughout the workshop.”
"He is an awesome speaker. Great at keeping everyone engaged."

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